In 2019, Juel handed me a script and a mood deck and asked me to

storyboard a few scenes from his latest project so he could pitch them during

his next meeting with Netflix.

That project was, They Cloned Tyrone.

Below are the sequences I boarded…

They Cloned Tyrone:

Clone Room

DATE: 2019

This is my absolute favorite sequence that I got to storyboard for “They Cloned Tyrone.” Fontaine, Yoyo and Slick Charles have infiltrated the underground lab and finally discover the terrifying reality of what is actually happening in the Glen.

By the time I started working on this scene I had hit my stride and the ideas and shots were firing.

They Cloned Tyrone:


DATE: 2019

Nixon is my second favorite sequence. Fontaine, Yoyo and Slick Charles are confronted by Nixon, and yet another horror is revealed to them. I had fun trying to make Nixon as calm and menacing as possible.

It's a pretty terrifying sequence. Really tense… minus the birds.

They Cloned Tyrone:


DATE: 2019

For the intro sequence I had a lot of fun imagining what the neighborhood of the Glen could look like as young JuneBug cycles around to find Fontaine. I sketched out images referencing memories I had of home as well as settings from The Wire, etc…

They Cloned Tyrone:

Club Chase

DATE: 2019

This was a fun and hectic sequence. Just after escaping the clone room, Fontaine, Yoyo and Slick Charles are running for their lives as a hoard of mind controlled clones chase them out of a club. Juel originally asked for some really cool camera moves and the whole sequence had a fun zombie chase vibe to it.

This sequence is pretty rough but it's still fun stuff.

They Cloned Tyrone:


DATE: 2019

This was the first shot I tackled from the script, and subsequently the roughest. It's a montage sequence of the three protagonists discovering the laboratory underneath the Glen and seeing all the horrible experiments that are being conducted under their feet.

When I received the assignment, Juel told me to listen to "Spaced Out Over You" by The Dramatics as I did the boards. I put it on repeat, and this is where my mind went.

I was hesitant to show this shot as it's by far my roughest and least complete, but at the same time, it's one of my most creative.

It’s been so fun to see "They Cloned Tyrone" go from script to final film.

I've enjoyed seeing how different artists and actors combined their skills and talents to bring this story to life.

And it's been a pleasure to see what’s changed since I worked on it and what has stayed the same.

I’m super proud and grateful that I got a chance to work on this project.

Thanks Juel, for bringing me on.